9(2) OF CCIM MSR 2016

From the Desk of Asst. Librarian :-

Our Library has a collection of good number of Ayurveda/Medical books which are the source of information and gaining the knowledge. Rare Ayurveda books have been collected one by one from the beginning of the inception of this College. So, we have ample collection of Ayurvedic & Modern books for the students. The library reading room is very spacious, airy and exposed to the natural light where many students can read together comfortably. There is also a separate reading arrangement for our Teachers.

We have both manual as well as computerized system for accessing the information of books in details. There is also the facilities of free Wifi uses in our Library. Our collection of books is about fifteen thousands approximately. Our library remains opened from 10 am to 5 pm daily except holidays. The librarian ( Swasti Sundar Jana) , my senior, is also very sincere & friendly to all.

Thank you so much.

Bijan Jana
Asst. Librarian, RAMH